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Generic drugs to increase potency in men and women top the best. Online Drugstore Free shipping Discount 10%. The most common means of this group, stimulating an erection and increasing libido, are: 1.Cialis<<< Buy now. 2.Avana<<< Buy now. 3.Sildalis<<< Buy now. 4.levitra<<< Buy now. 5.Malegra<<< Buy now. 6.Viagra<<< Buy now. Medical drugs to increase potency in men have always been popular, since erection is a complex mechanism in which many organs and systems of the human body take part. It is best to choose the remedy after a thorough examination and together with a specialist, since improper treatment can do more harm than good. Most often there is a decrease in potency at 45-50 years of age, which is caused by changes in tissues, accumulated chronic diseases and many other reasons. But violations are possible and have youth, and in average age. Frequent causes of erectile dysfunction and lack of libido experts call: lack of balanced diet and daily regimen; lack of rest and sleep; bad habits; increased anxiety, self-doubt, stress; physical and emotional overload; chronic diseases and taking some medications; irregular sex and lack of variety in intimate life. Not all of these factors require increased potency in men with drugs. In most cases, when a decrease in libido, sluggish or incomplete erection is not accompanied by other disturbing symptoms and is not often observed, you can limit yourself to a change of scenery, rest, good nutrition and improving the quality of life. As a rule, it helps to normalize potency in the absence of serious health problems. If the decrease in potency is accompanied by difficulties with urination and ejaculation, the release of blood from the urethra or pus, the appearance of pain of different localization, a decrease in the overall tone of the body, as well as other symptoms, you can not self-medicate and wait for health improvement. You need to go to the doctor to make a diagnosis and find treatment. Most often there is a decrease in potency at 45-50 years of age, which is caused by changes in the tissues, accumulated chronic diseases and many other reasons. But violations are possible both in young people and in middle age. The most common causes of erectile dysfunction and lack of libido are called: - lack of a balanced diet and daily regimen; lack of rest and sleep; - bad habits; - increased anxiety, self-doubt, stress; - physical and emotional overload; - chronic diseases and certain medications; - irregular sex and lack of diversity in intimate life. Not all of these factors require increased potency in men with medications. In most cases, when a decrease in libido, a sluggish or incomplete erection is not accompanied by other disturbing symptoms and is not often observed, it can be limited to changing the environment, rest, good nutrition and improving the quality of life. As a rule, it helps to normalize the potency in the absence of serious health problems. If a decrease in potency is accompanied by difficulties with urination and ejaculation, the release of blood or pus from the urethra, the appearance of pain of different localization, a decrease in the overall tone of the body, as well as other symptoms, you cannot self-medicate and wait for an improvement in health. An urgent need to consult a doctor to diagnose and select treatment. There is a mass of effective drugs to increase potency in men. Each of them should be selected based on many factors: - causes of the development of pathology and already existing complications; - nature of violations of potency and their degree of complexity; age; - available chronic and acute diseases; - already taken by human medications. Drugs to increase potency in men are of several types: - blockers, giving a quick and powerful effect, but not suitable for everyone; - homeopathy, where natural animal and plant components are present in the composition; - biologically active additives, natural, but not always having high efficiency; - hormonal drugs, which include testosterone; - agents that indirectly affect potency, for example, antispasmodics, drugs for improving blood circulation and transmission of nerve impulses, immunostimulants, vitamin-mineral complexes. Not even the most seemingly harmless drug to increase potency in men should not be taken without consulting a specialist. First, the remedy may not suit you or not have the desired effect, and secondly, it may mask the disturbing symptoms and lead to the progression of the existing disease that requires immediate treatment. Preparations for an instant increase in potency, as a rule, have a lot of differences from products with a natural composition: - the presence of potent synthetic components, such as sildenafil; - rapid effect, manifested after 30-60 minutes after application of the tool and lasting from 4 hours to several days; - lack of influence on the composition of sperm; availability of quality certificates and documents proving safety; - clinically proven efficacy; - possibility of a single use to provide the desired effect; - affordable cost. Such remedies help even with serious violations of potency. 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