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Do you know about Windows Loader for Windows 10 and Windows 7? If no, then this article will give you all the necessary things you need regarding Loader for windows.  A Loader is a bios emulator which is used to activate Windows illegitimately. This allows you to run your system on an updated windows version without purchasing or installing any genuine version. Win loader can be referred to as the bios that allows you to activate any windows that seem genuine.

With the following program, you would install windows with MBR and not UEFI. Doing so would write a SLIC loader and certificate to MBR. This would make it available to windows like coming from the bios itself activating windows at every bootup. This can also work on GPT disk as well for win7.

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Activator Windows loader Download 2021

How to Download Windows Loader?

There are very easy and convenient steps that you need to follow in order to download and use the Windows loader.

  1. You need to deactivate antivirus on your PC at Frist.
  2. Then, download Windows Loader v2.2.2 or Any Versions you like.
  3. Click the EXE file and Begin Installation.
  4. Follow the screen now and activate your Windows.
  5. Now restart your PC.

Click on the DOWNLOAD NOW button to easily download the windows loader but please ensure that you must have a good internet connection or else the download might get cancel in between or will take a lot of time. After the completion of the download, click on the downloaded file icon below and open it in a folder. Then click on the folder and select the extracted file option there. For the extraction of the file, the WinRAR ZIP file extractor must be installed on your computer.

Then open the extracted file and run it as an administrator. Click on the install button displayed on your screen and in a few minutes it will be installed. For successful activation of the windows loader, you need to restart your personal computer. After the restart, you can check by opening the computer’s basic information panel, and I am sure that your windows would be activated.

Features of Loader for Windows

As mentioned above, the windows activator is used to activate different versions of windows. Coming straight to the features that a window loader provides to its users. The windows loader is compatible with all the versions of windows. Also, it supports 32bit and 64bit respectively. When talking about compatibility then you should also keep it in mind that this loader supports all the language systems. Auto Detection of system. This means it would automatically detect that on which windows version you are operating at along with its architecture.

The Automatic mode feature allows you to activate your windows in a few clicks only. Your all system files are 100% safe and secure as using this loader will not affect any of the files on your system. Moreover, this program can reset the trial of your windows. It means you can reset its trial whenever you don’t want to activate windows. Doing so would give you another trial period for a specific time. Another feature that I found regards this program is that it’s cost-free. All this you get without paying for any premium package. Also, there is no interruption due to advertisements.

Supported Systems:

The system requirement for using this tool is quite simple. It doesn’t need any high requirements as you can even access it from Pentium versions. The basic and core requirements are just 1Ghz processor, 50mb hard drive space available and 156mb of ram in your system.

Loader Versions

There are many versions of windows loader that are keep getting updated from time to time. The Most easily available versions are;


Here are the answers to some frequently asked questions and queries that people want to know.

Q1. When I ran Startup repair my windows get deactivated?

Startup repair rewrites the boot sector and removes all the keys you used in the activation of windows. To resolve this problem follow this:

In Administration run command prompt and type “bcdedit/set {default} bootstatuspolicy ignore-shutdown failures”.

Q2. During activation, I received “Failed to add a loader to the boot code” error?

You need to disable system protection or any antivirus protection to resolve this. These protections block the activator from activating windows.

Q3. Is that Loader is safe to use?

Yes, it’s 100% safe and secure to use as it doesn’t contain any Trojan or Malware.

Q4. Do I require any special knowledge to use it?

No, it’s very easy to use, anyone can activate windows using the loader.